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ATM 2010: Overview

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“It was incredible to watch USPAACC’s Trade Mission mature over the years; the quality of suppliers/potential customers, technology, business and networking opportunities, member capabilities, and the ability to shift focus on sustainability - renewable energy, water conservation and environmental protection – a priority in China. USPAACC understands that partnership with Asia is not an option but a business solution and produced their programs to meet the new challenges and opportunities – building bridges between North America and Asia through their Global contacts.”

- James Costa, V.P. Global Procurement Capital, MRO, PepsiCo

Download the Asia Trade Mission 2010 Briefing Book (PDF)

Destination City Profiles

Learn more about the fast-growing markets that we visited. Destination cities included Taipei, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Beijing.
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Robert Goldberg, Depute Chief of Mission

Global Strategy for Sustainability: Conserve, Recycle and Renew

“Global Strategy for Sustainability: Conserve, Recycle and Renew” addressed the vast business opportunities available in the growing global shift toward eco-friendly products, services and processes.
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Strengthening “Global Guanxi,” connecting with people with common business interests to establish and reaffirm relationships

China, with its vast marketplace of 3.7 million square miles and a population of nearly 1.3 billion, is entering a new era marked by one of the most dynamic and transformative changes of this century. China’s new confidence and dimension in its economic posture, as well as in its ties within the region and in the world, is unprecedented.

Our China Trade Mission in 2008 brought us to Beijing, Dalian, and Shanghai—some of the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets. There, we opened doors to high-level networking opportunities and exchanged new ideas with international business leaders.

In 2009, our China Trade Mission built on the success of our journey the previous year. This time, the Trade Mission brought us to Nanjing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and we selected “Food, Beverage, Health & Safety Industries” for our theme, as we tapped into new consumer industries and related dynamic markets that continue to offer great opportunities in this global economy.  2009 CTM Program Book (PDF)

With each trip USPAACC has made, the roster of American-based companies interested in China—or in attracting investment to the United States—has increased dramatically. And this is where USPAACC will continue to play an important role in the years to come: to open doors to more opportunities and to bring all these groups and interests together—what we do best. The prospects are promising, and the sheer size and growth potential are profound and truly amazing.

Our future Trade Missions to China will continue to provide American businesses new access and comprehensive insight into the dynamic Chinese market—including its scale, diversity and potential. China is a vibrant gateway to tremendous investment and growth opportunities for American businesses. Consequently, China will be viewed as an essential gateway to lucrative opportunities—a portal to enhancing and expanding the reach of American businesses in their quest to compete effectively in today’s global marketplace.

As the harbingers of prosperity and growth in this modern-day “silk road,” USPAACC excitedly looks ahead to every milestone we have set ourselves to achieve. And we know that our path to a bright future runs through China.

*Guanxi is a commonly used business term meaning “connections” or “relationship”


Wen Chang

President, Trade Union International/Top Line
Montclaire, California

Chester Tong

President, MSL Express
Jamaica, New York